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taper roller bearing wheel hub bearing

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  • MaterialGCr15
  • Size40 * 75 * 50 mm
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T
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PART NO.: DU40750050




Our advantages
1. 15 years bearing products manufacturing and exporting experiences.
2. Customization of brand and packing can be accepted.
3. Many sizes of bearing are available. Large quantity bearing can be provided.
4. To respect customers, you can choose the loading port.
5. A certain number of free samples can be provided


Part Number

Below is the part of our items, more details, feel free to contact me.


LM11749/10 DU20470040/35 LM67048/10 DU40760040
LM11949/10 DU27520045/43 TR285216g DU4080045/44
M12649/10 DU25520037 TF28KW04g/01g DU40800038
L45449/10 DU25520037 CR‐1252 DU41680040/35
LM48548/10 FC40570 517012 DU42720038
L44649/10 DU25520043 25580/20 DU42720038/35
JL69349/10 DU25490045/40 25580 DU42720052/48
LM67048/10 DU25550043 30203 DU42740038
LM29749/10 DU25550045 30204 DU42750060
LM501349/10 DU25550048 30205 DU42760039
LM12749/10 DU25550053.5 32207 DU42800038
LM300849/11 DU25600045 33205 DU428200402Z
JL68149/10 DU25620048 30206 DU42840036
JL68145/11 DU26520037 30207 DU43760043/40
JL69149/11 DU26520041 30205 DU437700455/415
6‐7805Y DU27530043 30208 DU4377455/435
L44643/10 DU27600050 30304 DU45.3800048
M88648/10 DU35680042 30305 DU45770050/45
M88649/10 DU29530037 30306 DU45780040/37
34300/34478 DU30580042 30307 DU45850051
37431A/37625 DU30600037 30308 DU47850045
JP12049/10 DU30610038 30309 DU47880055
18690/20 DU30620048 30305X2B DU47880057.5
329013A/Q DU30620051 30306X2B DU49840043
LM102949/10 DU32580065/57 30215 DU49840048
LM29748/10 DU35650035 30615 DU50890051
LM78349A/10 DU35650035 32004 DU50840054
U497/U460L DU35650035 32005 DU54960051
U399/U360L DU35680048 32006 DU55900060
JL69345/10 DU35720070/60 32007 DU60108075
KJ15585/20 DU38760043/40 32008 JTS021
28680/28622 DU38650052/48 32009 JTS032
19150/NP353933 DU38680037 32010 JTS039
NP39044/NP750997 DU39680037 LL319349/10SP DU40720037
NP353549/NP673396 DU39720037 27687/20 DU40730055
    5012‐09 DU40750050


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taper roller bearing wheel hub bearing

taper roller bearing wheel hub bearing